What does the Pilot Community looks like today?

The Pilot Community (CPFV) actually is:
One that is relatively organized, awaiting for its definitive transfer into a new location which is being infrastructured for the implantation of energy, water, and drainage systems.

A Community that is surveyed and knows that in a near future will have a piece of land for building its own home.

A Community that valorizes the opportunity to have an employment and does all to maintain his/her sustainable employment such as the small enterprise “VassoForça/PT”.

One that produces recycled brooms.

A Community that is now waiting for the finalization of a primary school for their children as well as many other infrastructures under way.

The new location
Luanda Limpa

"Luanda Limpa": CPFV members and other citizens of Viana Municipality, are experimenting a new mechanism of keeping Luanda clean within the big Program financed by the Government of Luanda Province, "Luanda Cidade Limpa".

Primary School

Primary School: A Primary School with 6 classrooms is almost finished. It has been financed by Government Funds known as Funds for Social Support. "Fundos de Apoio Social" (FAS)


Drinking Water: Members of CPFV waiting to buy clean drinking water at accessible price managed by one of their Community members.


Recycling: The washing of the mineral water bottles is one of the first step involved in the process of producing recycled brooms.


Vassoforça/PT: The steps that follows in the process of producing recycled brooms.

Recycled brooms

Here a part of the final product “the recycled broom”