Even the poor of the poorest learns to buy

This project’s target group learns that nothing in life is to be free. It is expected that all members buy everything even the poor of poorest. There are, of course, the exceptions: such as those who are sic or the handicapped. This strong message is deliberately passed on and practiced to enable CPFV members internalize the concept of ownership. People value much more those things that are bought. Remember that in our Laboratory (The CPFV) the only currency used to buy all those material goods put at their disposal by External Partners is: “THE CHANGING OF BEHAVIOR”, so much needed for people who lived in the dumping garbage for years and years. Under these circumstances, CPFV members buy their plot during 45 years of good behavior. In the case of death, their assets go to the most direct line inheritor. (Parents, children, grandchildren). In the absent of those, the assets return in the favor of the Community

Assets already bought or in the process of buying by CPFV members

Members of CPFV are today co-owners of a micro-enterprise for garbage collection and recycling. An asset made available with the contribution of the provincial government of Luanda and the Banco Espírito Santo Angolan branch. The workers in this enterprise are encouraged to buy shares/assets, to strengthen the application of concepts such as ownership and empowerment for well identified target groups due to their good behavior as well as contribute to a higher transparence and accountability in the management of all the enterprise business. A financial convention was signed end of 2010 between APACP with headquarter in Luanda, Angola; the Instituto Estrela (IM) with headquarter in Brazil and the BMF (Bai Micro Finance) headquarter in Angola to establish a partnership for contributing to the Angolan government efforts to eradicate/reduce poverty, the extreme poverty in particular, through a Micro-Credit Program. Thus, through their “good behavior, the members of CPFV have the opportunity to buy their inscription to the program”. Other communities have also access to this financial scheme as long as acceptance is given to the rules and regulations of the Program.