The process for buying a plot of land

This project’s target group learns that nothing in life is to be free. It is expected that all members buy everything even the poor of poorest. There are, of course, the exceptions: such as those who are sic or the handicapped. This strong message is deliberately passed on and practiced to enable CPFV members internalize the concept of ownership. People value much more those things that are bought. Remember that in our Laboratory (The CPFV) the only currency used to buy all those material goods put at their disposal by External Partners is: “THE CHANGING OF BEHAVIOR”, so much needed for people who lived in the dumping garbage for years and years.
Under these circumstances, CPFV members buy their plot during 45 years of good behavior. In the case of death, their assets go to the most direct line inheritor. (Parents, children, grandchildren). In the absent of those, the assets return in the favor of the Community.

The new location
recycling water bottles


garbage collection