Your contribution makes the difference

Transparent accountability is expected on the application of your contribution.
For beneficiary—Associaçao Força de Vontade pertaining to the Pilot Comunity
Bank´s name: Banco Espirito Santo Angola
IBAN A006 0045 0068 0000 9594 3688 1
For beneficiary: Associaçao de Profissionais e Amigos de Combate à Pobreza pertaining to APACP for activities benefiting the Pilot Commnity
Bank´s name: Banco Espirito Santo Angola
IBAN: A006 0045 0068 0000 8452 5818 1
Soon you will have the possibility to make your donation online through this webpage

Some examples of how your money will be spent:


Helping on the development of the recycling micro-enterprise to produce brooms.

Primary school

Assist the development of the primary school

Pilot comunity Forca de Vontade

Moving ahead on some sustainable projects